THE PROGRAM of Pet Therapy® is unique, since no program in the greater Southwest Florida region provide ongoing and consistent visitations by a familiar puppy and volunteer coordinator at the same time each and every week. This unique program enables the patient to begin to look forward to the visits at the same time each week and familiarizes them with the same volunteers and pets. This type of familiarity creates a sense of an extended or surrogate family for the patient and becomes an integral part of the patient's weekly agenda.

Secondly, Pet Therapy® is a volunteer-based program, which teaches people of all ages the importance of volunteering. Our youth program is especially important as young people are taught important lessons about being on time to an appointment, overcoming fears through love (the fear of getting old), the importance of completing a project and the importance of keeping one's word. And, our adult volunteer base is offered an exceptional experience of giving back to the community in which they live.


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